Monday, February 1, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

We would like to wish Happy FTerritory Day & happy holiday especially to those who works in Wilayah Persekutuan. We enjoyed our break @ Suria KLCC today since Mummy and Daddy work in Kuala Lumpur. Suhail did tag along.. though the Nursery is located in Selangor (haa.. tak aci..). We went to Kinokuniya and have our 'free reading' as usual. Shu'aib..I know you'll scream like nobody's business if you know about this. You have to go to school dear! Kasi chance la for Adik to enjoy his quality time with Mummy & Daddy..hehehe.

We had our coffee break @ Coffee Bean. Iced Latte... hmmm.. now I'm also kind of enjoy this 'expensive for nothing' drinks. Jangan marah aaa for those BIG FAN of expensive coffee shop. Ala..ntah2 kopi Uwan kat kampung tu pun lebih sedap dr kopi cap mahal ni kalau dibancuh sama seperti kat sini. (Ye ke? Sapa nak buat eksperimen?) And... our small fella jugak sudah JATUH CHENTA sama ini ice latte... tak percaya? Cuba la offer si kecik ni.. jgn harap dia nak bg balik....

Daddy.. you're the one who's offering him this...Mummy tak tau aaaa....  ;)
Happy hols...
Daddy, we're gonna miss U... Bon Voyage.
(Thanks for the outing)

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