Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Trip To Hong Kong

Last school holidays, we went for a leisure trip to Hong Kong. We did everything on our own.. from booking the hotels, air tickets and planning the itineraries. Oh..when I mention we... in this refers to me (Mummy), Super Hero Daddy, Shu'aib, Suhail and also the multi-tasking Opah ;-) . Mummy did the background survey on hotels, places of interest and mode of transport. While Super Hero Daddy did all the reservations for the air tickets and hotels..prior to informations supplied by you know who!

We took the AK658 flight from LCCT  to HKG. The journey took about 4 hours and we landed safely in breezy and hilly HKG around 5.50 p.m. 

Circling in the HKG sky

The happy faces seeing the land of HKG

The busy airport

There's no time difference between M'sia ad HKG. 
Now, it's time to pick up the luggages.

Signboards are everywhere!

Have to use the train shuttle to go to the main terminal.

Wanted to hail a cab from the airport to our hotel room but it will cost us a fortune and rip the joy of adventures. So..we bought the airport express ticket and off we go!!!

Waiting for the airport train

Clear signage of destinations and marking of the train progress.
Need not to worry.. you won't miss the station!

Nice and comfy airport express.

We disembarked at the second stop and use the free connecting bus service(actually it was more like a van.. or.. is it a mini / very tiny bus...?). There are people at this bus stop (who works there) helped us with our luggage. The bus stop was aircondition and clean. We waited for about 7 minutes before our bus came. It was dark when we left the bus station (around 8 p.m. ) and the road was packed with vehicles. One thing thet we noticed was about the traffic light. From red... it will turn YELLOW..and then ONLY GREEN. Hehehe... of course the Super Hero Daddy spotted it first (becoz... he has SUPER POWER EYES!)

And finally.. we reached our destination. The tummy is rambling.. screaming for the food.

These were among the food that we 'borong' inside the AirAsia!

What you see are the food for our dinner.
We had nasi ayams and nasi briyani... good thinking eh?

That's how we end our day.... with a full tummy loaded with dishes from Malaysia.. and a happy heart to enjoy our next coming day. Sleep tight and a very good dreams.......

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