Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nyonya Food @ Restoran Rasa Nyonya

Apologies for not blogging for some time - as usual work and life just caught up with me. Aiyo! Mummy was just plain lazy these few weeks. This entry has been sitting at the back of my head since June. We had our dinner @ this restaurant with my brother & his family as well. This restaurant is just around the corner of Bukit Antarabangsa / Ukay Perdana. But strangely for some reason, we have not ventured into it until recently.

Mr Hubby had fun exploring and testing out the menu for the newly opened (in 2010) restaurant. Kicking off the meal was the 'Fish Bone Soup' which whet our appetites for the main meal - a spicy TomYam Fried Rice (RM7.90), TomYam Fried Bihoon (RM6.90),  plain Hokkien Char (RM6.90 ?) and plain rice served with splendid vegetables curry, fishball soup, and the spicy brinjals/ ocra.

The 'Fish Bone Soup' was the winner of the dish.
The kids love it till it's last drop.

The 'Vegetable Curry' was also nice.
The portion was really big. Suitable for 3.

We didn't quite fancy the fishball. It has fish fillings which hinder the kids from eating it. Nevertheless, the soup was really nice which had the sweet and yummy taste.

Another dish of vegetables which we ordered. I must admit that the spiciness in this dish helped to even out the plain soup and mild curry that we had. Dah tekak Melayu..mesti nak ada benda yang pedas jugak..hahaha ;-)

Last but not least.. here's what we had for our drinks..
Volcano Milo Ice RM4.30

Rainbow Lychee (Ice) RM4.90, Apple Plum Juice RM4.90 and Soya Cincau (Ice) RM2.30 ??

Ok.. cubalah! 

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