Monday, August 1, 2011

They r big now!

How fast time flies!!! Five years ago.. it was only me and hubby. Now, we have another two young men in the house!

Adik celebrated his fourth birthday about a week ago (26.07.2011). This year, they requested to have a birthday party with their friends in Atfal. Two birthday cake, accompanied with goodie bags for both of them and their classmates! (Early celebration for both of them as Mummy requested it to beo done on July 25th).

Adik.. Mummy didn't teach u phonics as u were not ready back then! But I guess.. u're also a smart little boy coz now u can read simple Malay words (suku kata terbuka).

My cheeky little one (adik) has one kind heart... never fails to share his belongings, foods etc with other family members. And he always spare what ever he received.. so that he could share it with Abang.

Suhail.. at this age.. adik masih pelat. We (mummy, daddy n abang) always asked you to pronounce these words (which are our favourites) : kakak (tatak), buku (butu), gajah (dajah), gigi (didi) and ikan (itan)... and.. we always had a good laugh!!!!

What I'm worried about you is about your hearing problem. Mummy did ask daddy a few years ago regarding this but you're too small to be sure. I'm hoping for a miracle and only to Allah I rest the matter.

This August 6th, it's gonna be Shu'aib's fifth birthday. He can read well in English as well as Malay. Mummy teached him phonics as early as 3 years old as he loves books very much. He used to bring some books and would sit on Mummy's lap asking for the story to betold.

And today.. it has been a solid 2 1/2 weeks : they sleep on their own bed (@ room). We were proud of you boys... dari hari pertama, both of you were excited to sleep on your own.. it was a SUCCESS FROM DAY ONE! Tak pernah sekali pun minta untuk tidur bersama daddy n mummy lagi. (But we kind of missing you boys.. our room feels empty nowadays :'(

And sempena Ramadhan al Mubarak.. our little ones starts practicing their puasa.. And today.. they break their fast around 1pm.. they can't resist their susu... and had their lunch cum dinner at 6 pm. Cuba lagi sayang!

Kepada semua rakan-rakan, selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.. moga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam dan moga kita mendapat Ramadhan mabrur...

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  1. memang kelakar bila pelat tu..tapi sebut mak uda betul je..nasib baik :)

  2. Hihihi.. kalau tak.. boleh jadi Mak Uta ;D

  3. mak uta takpe lagi jangan mak unta