Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Atfal's Sports Day 25.4.2010

This was Shu'aib's first Sports Day since he just started schooling. Unfortunately he was down with fever a week before the event. He had high fever and his gums was swollen and he barely eat/ drink.  I guess he missed his school very much coz he kept saying about Atfal since the day he fall sick. He did cry a few times.. asking why he couldn't go to school.

Parents and families were invited to the event and the teachers did a tremendous job preparing the costumes for each kids. We did came to the Sports Day though Mummy were also down with fever and Daddy just came back from Singapore. I guess a promise is a promise :-)

Off we went to Ampang Sports Complex around 8.50 a.m. Shu'aib were not happy since we were not using the usual route to Atfal. He kept saying..

" bukan jalan tadika Shu'aib.. Shu'aib nak pegi Atfal"

Well... it was not a good sign though!!! When we reached there.. he started crying after the registration. He refused to stop even though the teachers / Mummy / Daddy gave some encouragements... hehehe...

Look at Shu'aib.. nice tentacles and belt for Jupiter (yellow house). He also had two ballons hanging at his back. Jupiter has a robot as their mascot.

Daddy tried to persuade him taking part in the event.

He did join in the middle of the parade and first round of the event...but started crying when he couldn't find us ;-P

Suhail was the one who has the spirit to join the event.. but you are too small dear!
Next year perhaps!

Anyway.. at least Shu'aib did try to participate... but we guess he was too afraid of the new environment and the loudness of the wisels and people cheering from futsal match.
You have to have fun playing or it’s just not worth it... isn't it?
Good try Shu'aib.. may be next year you'll participate through out the event.. insyaAllah...

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