Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're learning to blog today

This is our task for Session 9. We have to do blogging. I guess they want the teachers to write. Sweats are running down like the Niagara Falls...Kay was afraid to enter her phone number....same as Amy. "I don't think so!!!", said Amy. Actually, she got 4 verification code already but the screen continue to display "SORRY, THERE SEEMS TO BE A PROBLEM. PLEASE TRY AGAIN IN A FEW HOURS". Oh my god!!! I don't want to stay here.
At last...Kay entered her phone number...but she was facing the same problem as Amy...fuuhhh thank God! Zu.. on the other hand acts cooly like Johnny Depp (Kay's favourite actor).. emmm.. I just wonder weather she's really cool or just waiting for the session to end...

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