Friday, December 3, 2010

'I love our day Mummy!'

Suhail was just recovered from high fever and the kids were back to their normal behaviour. They were running all around and singing and drumming... oh gosh.. I wish I had an ear plug.. hihihi.

We had a simple breakfast of this:

Yay boys! Now both of you managed to eat the chilli sauce. High five!!!

They were bugging me for a movie since last night. I thought that they'll just forget about it in the morning but Mummy was wrong!!! 

We went to WW hoping to catch something.. any story.. as far as it was a "BIG TV and has LOUD SOUNDS"... which is of course far away from our small/ petite home tv which aged like the dinasour time. Hehehe. To our surprise.. the que was too long and Shu'aib did mention something like this:

"Look mum, it's look like a longggg snake!"
(what a great imaginary)

So we went to a bookshop there to pick some of  Peter and Jane's book which has long been over due! And they enjoyed reading the books displayed on the racks... hihihi. Sama je pe'el ngan Mummy & Daddy.. belinya satu/ dua buku.. tapi yang habis bacanya lagi banyak kat sana ;-)

And we strolled every nook and corner of the WW. Mummy had a very tired legs at the end of the day! Daddy... oh selamat ye!!!

And half of the journey back to our house... the chirping sounds of the two boys went dead. Hehehe...
Laaa... dah lena rupanya!

Thanks boys for being cool kids and Mummy enjoyed our date as well!


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