Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mummy can I have a date with you?

My eldest asked me for a date! Heheheh.. and he asked daddy's permission for that! Ensuring that he can make the appointment aka date a day earlier.

And the good father bombarded this young man with a handfull of questions before allowing him to have a date with this pretty hot 'girl' in the house.. hihihi..

(Daddy selalu mau kenakan anak2 :P)

And 3 hours before the date.. he called me again.. reminding me about our date and telling me that there's a surprise he wanted to show/ give..

Mummy! A surprise for you! ( as he gave a small piece of paper in a crown shaped with i love you note )

And Mummy...(he whispered.. barely audible to this old lady).. WHAT SHALL I DO DURING A DATE???

Hahahahaha.. I laughed whole heartedly the whole night!

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  1. Hihihi.. jangan tak caya Mar! Kita dah seasoned ni pun ada orang nak tackle!!! Yahoooo!
    Just wait for your turn ;D

  2. eee, dah besar dan moden anak2 sekarang ni kan. luckily minta date dengan mak sendiri.. kalau dia minta neelofa ke, maya karin ke lagi pening. agaknya 3malam sebelum takle tido nak watpe masa date nanti.. kikikii

  3. :D Kalau dia mintak nak date neelofa ke.. maya karin ke.. Mummy pengsan dulu!!