Sunday, May 12, 2013

Halal Dim Sum @Ti Chen Saujana Golf And Country Club

Kena post juga posting ni sebelum Mummy peram..

Tadi makan dim sum..sedap! Sedap! Sedap!
Terasa rasa lagi kesedapannya..kalau dekat..mau aje rasanya Mummy angkut Daddy untuk dinner pula! Hehehe..

Sebelum ni...yg terakhir Mummy makan dim sum adalah di Putrajaya Marriott Hotel masa mereka ada buat promo eat all u can...that was months ago! (And yes..I still kept those photos in my safe deposit and it will take years before u can see it..hahaha)

So..before the same thing ever happenned again..and because I should share about this place (sebab sedaaapppp sangat..) here's some photos that I took using my 'bengong hp'... I'm so sorry for the lousy photos..but take my word..the food was good!

We had Steamed Ebiko Siew Mai, Honey BBQ Chicken Bao, Scallop & Fungus Rice Flour Roll, Steamed Glutanous Rice With Chicken... Braised Noodle With Baby Abalon And Superior Brisque and Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab. 
Just nice for 3pax.. Tapi..kalau boleh masuk dalam perut lagiiii...Mummy nak tambah Baked Charcoal Mini Egg Tart..  and anything with prawn..

And..thanks Jeffrey..thanks a lot for your warm hospitality. We'll definitely give u a call on our next visit!

Here's some photos for u to enjoy...

The entrance..

You'll be greeted by this vibrant red and dark brown color scheme..

Another shot at the entrance..

Cozy dining area..fully packed during lunch! We're lucky coz we arrived early!

The menu for delicious dim sum.. When I google for this restaurant (juuuusst before I write the entry).. I was not surprised that the chef has won a few awards..

The Braised Noodle With Baby Abalon And Superior Brisque

Scallop & Fungus Rice Flour Roll
Honey BBQ Chicken Bao

Steamed Glutanous Rice With Chicken

Steamed Ebiko Siew Mai

Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab

The happy faces of Mummy and adik

Cuba la!

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