Thursday, October 8, 2009


Semalam... masa nak buat susu Suhail...
Mummy dengar dia humming..
"A B Chi D E Ef G... "

Lepas tu.. dia tak reti.. everything was jumble up!
Mummy tak pernah nak ajar dia betul2...
Ni mesti dia dok dengar Abg Shu'aib nyanyi. For the past two weeks.. ABC Song was the top hits.
Abg Shu'aib will sing the song from morning till he doze off.
Bukannya apa.. dia tengah syok sbb baru dapat yang bhg akhir lagu tu
".... now I know my ABC
Next time won't you song with me"
Tapi... bhg L M N O P tu... masih tak brape betul lagi...
He always forgot the N when he sing the song.
Kalau soh baca A - Z.. betoi pulak!

As for Suhail... dia tak kenal lagi huruf.. but he can count.
Everytime he uses the staircase.. you'll hear him counting..
1 2 3 'por  'paif  'tix  'teben  8.. NINE! Yeay!!!
Tangga tu ada 9 je tiap set... so dia kira pun sampai 9 je la.
He can't read the numbers yet though!

Shu'aib lak... the first time I heard him count 1 - 10 correctly was during our way back to KL (masa aqiqah Nazmi & masa balik beli basikal tu).
It was recorded on our camera but unfortuately I don't know how to upload the clip ;-(
Shu'aib loves books. He enjoys reading.
Now he knows ABCs and numbers (1-10) fluently and starts to write a few basic letters like l, o, u, n.
Now he's learning numbers from 11-20.

While Suhail the cheeky boy... he would prefer to join his brother rather than reading on his own.
He loves to play around and everything could turn up to be a fascinating toy!
Which category are you Suhail? Are U a kinesthetic learners?
What ever you are... Mummy loves you both!

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