Friday, October 16, 2009

Two great buddies

We were blessed with two boys who were only a year apart.
It was a nightmare when the boys were born.
Our hands were full 24-7.
We can't get enough sleep and they don't even spare us time to the loo.

To make things worse... they were always sick.
We can't even track how many bottles of paracetamol or cough and cold syrup they took in a month.
It was always there in the nursery bag and the refrigerator.
Lucky them coz Daddy is a doctor.

Last night...
I could see that
how the years go by,
And how time can certainly fly
Gone all the days the sleepless night
Now we could breath in calm fresh air

We hear your laughter and smiles
Which certainly go on for miles
It warms Daddy and Mummy's heart
Boys... you're growing up so fast

We pray to you Ya Allah
Hope they will be good friend and great buddy to each other
To hold each others hand when in despair
Or share the simple joy in the air
So that our boys will never feels alone and sad.

Our little boys will someday be man
and right by your side we will forever stand
We will pick up the pieces when you boys fall
We will hold your hands and help you stand tall
Always remember whatever you go through
No matter what, we always love both of you.

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