Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shoo... GO AWAY!

This little boy of mine asyik merengek je dari petang semalam.
"Adik demam ke?"
"Tak ade!" (sambil dia merasa tengkuknya sendiri)
Okey... if he's not having fever... what is it?
Tung tam tung tam tung tam... dia mula merengek balik.
"Adik nak susu ke?"
After having his milk... start merengek balik!
"What's going on, young man?"
"Nak tido?"

Pusing sana pusing sini...
"Mummy.. sakit bird" while showing his private part. But I couldn't find out what's bothering him.. susu dah, nyamuk tak de... hemmm... let's play doctor. Let's check your body temp!

"Oh my! It's 38.4C"
"Adik! Makan ubat!"
He slept soundly the whole night.

6.00 a.m... dia start merengek balik.
"Adik demam?"
"Tak de!"
Of course Mummy & Daddy won't believe you. Let's switch on the light....

Here's what we saw early this morning:

Hmmm... patut la ;-)

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