Thursday, August 27, 2009

General Dev. For 2 Years Old

Dulu masa Mummy buat Dip. Ed. ada la belajar pasal benda-benda ni. Tapi tak la terror sangat sebab ada banyak Teori yang dipelajari. Memang kalau suruh baca, hafal & sit for an exam... no problem punye. But when it comes to our own child... teori melayang ke mana.. yang dipraktik tah apa-apa!
So... sekarang ni tengah nak bukak balik segala ilmu yang pernah dipelajari. Mummy cuba nak baca.. fahami dan kalau boleh (ni azam bulan pose ni..) nak praktikkan setakat yang mampu. Ok.. secara amnya, berikut adalah Empat Perkembangan Umum Bagi Anak Berusia 2 Tahun:
Physical Development
Walks well, goes up and down steps alone, runs, seats self on chair, becoming independent in toileting, uses spoon and fork, imitates circular stroke, turns pages singly, kicks ball, attempts to dress self, builds tower of six cubes.
Emotional Development
Very Self-centered, just beginning a sense of personal identity and belongings, possessive, often negative, often frustrated, no ability to choose between alternatives, enjoys physical affection, resistive to change, becoming independent, more responsive to humor and distraction than discipline or reason.
Social Development
Solitary play, dependent on adult guidance, plays with dolls, refers to self by name, socially very immature, little concept of others as "people."  May respond to simple direction.

Intellectual Development
Says words, phrases and simple sentences, 272 words, understands simple directions, identifies simple pictures, likes to look at books, short attention span, avoids simple hazards, can do simple form board.

 Hmmm... no wonder Suhail slalu tak nak dengar cakap. Kalau Mummy marah... memang tak jalan (look at the Emotional Dev.. read the 2nd last line). So... for his age.. it's better if we distract them rather than getting angry or membazir air liur reasoning dgn dia.

Dan.. research shows that the key to healthy child development is the amount of time children spend time with their parents having fun and learning at the same time. The most important things that parents should remember is... at this stage they need lots and lots of playtime.  This includes playing alone, with peers and with their parents.  Hmmm... we're on the right track then! Kat rumah Umi... Suhail boleh bermain dengan rakan2 dan ada banyak educational toys as well. Cuma kekadang rasa tak larat especially when both of us are having hectic schedule... so.. fun time with us dah tak de la sbb Mummy & Daddy cepat temper.. hahaha.

Finally, get our kids playing outside as much as possible.  Just a couple of well chosen outdoor play items such as the above can lead to hours of fun, exploration and physical development. And there's one thing to REMEMBER... electronic input for children of this age should be limited to no more than 2 hours per day (that includes "educational" programs). Ingat tu Mummy....

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